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A Central American Love Story by Kairis Aridai Rivera

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

No, not Mexican.

And no it cannot be broadcasted on ABC, NBC, Or any type of C

that stands for conservative

Because being central and taking the center is inherently radical

We little countries show love through fruit

How we save the green mangos for each other

A premature

or some may say naive

way of saying te quiero and I’m patient

Or when our love is bruised and mushed

We place them in hot oil

And watch each other rewind to the table.

Central American love is stubborn

Like when you dip your tongue in crema

A statement on how they can never take our taste buds for each other.

Central American love is all about fruit

Because Chiquita banana was the most dangerous fruit of all.

How it drove our generations away

Drove my father to pick oranges in Belize

And drove me to pray my feelings for you away.

But we pick each other

Somehow we are the ripe and forbidden.

Central American type of love

Brought me here

To read this poem

While you peel mango skins with your teeth.

Our type of love

has you sharing fruit

Spitting the seeds

Burning our cheeks

Praying that despite the gunpowder

Something continues to grow.

A central american love story by kairis aridai rivera


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