Feature: Artist Dante Zoe

Dante (they/them) is a black non-binary artist who loves all things creepy, morbid and macabre. A self-taught artist with heavy influences from Junji-Ito, Usamaru Futuna, and Steven Rhodes, Dante depicts horror with a lens of intersectional feminism.

Working with both digital art and physical art, their work comes across in a realistic cartoon style influenced by pointillism as they use micron pens to add an eerie grimy feeling to already haunting images.

Dante uses this horror art style to spread messages and center those under or unrepresented when it comes to all things horror or goth-related.

When asked about what their art means to them, Dante shares the following:

"My art is where I find my voice and strength. I often feel powerless against society’s overwhelming judgment and oppression, but once I get behind a pen I am the one in control."

"I make my art for anyone who has ever felt powerless for these same reasons. Art has gotten me through my darkest times and I hope to do that for others as well."

You can support Dante's art by following them on Instagram through their Art Account and Personal Account!


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