Feature: Artist & Designer Cheryl Chan

Cheryl Chan is a multimedia artist who has worked on an animated installation with the City of Pasadena, shown work at multiple galleries in the Southern California area, and art directed on film and VR projects that have been shown at festivals worldwide. Though unable to choose one focus throughout her life, Cheryl always felt it was easiest to express herself through a work of art--be it writing, performing, or painting.

Her newest and current venture is pursuing her lifelong love of fashion by creating both garments and multimedia experiences which celebrate the fun and joy of personal style.

Her work is largely informed by being a "third-culture kid"--hailing from Hong Kong and now living in Los Angeles, she draws influence from Chinese, Japanese, British, and American cultures.

Cheryl feels at home in various mediums and aims to impart a fresh take on fashion by utilizing her various skills and unique perspective. 

When asked about what her work means to her, Cheryl shares the following:

"My work is a celebration of my multifaceted identity--growing up in Hong Kong and LA, I've absorbed various parts of world cultures and morphed them into my own unique aesthetic. Making art from those eclectic bits and pieces is a way for me to honour myself and highlight the joy of my lived experiences--but it wasn't always that way."

"Like many artists, I used to think that beautiful art could only come from pain. I've since moved away from that and it feels so freeing to do things because they make me happy, and not worry about if they're profound or not. Life's too short not to allow yourself to be seen in your most authentic, vibrant light."

"Naturally, coming from such a diverse country makes me someone with very diverse artistic interests. I've dabbled in everything from illustration, animation, set design, and fine art. Currently, I am focusing my multimedia background into creating unique content about fashion. I'm very inspired by the Harajuku and punk scenes and love to bring that fresh, bend-the-rules, playful energy into everything I do."

You can support Cheryl by following her on Instagram (@cherylstardust)!


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