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Feature: Artist Rafaella of @QpocArtandStories

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Rafaella Angelica is a queer, Filipinx animation artist who has always loved drawing. In 2018, she created @QpocArtandStories where she draws queer people of color and shares their stories on Instagram.

"My intention is to bring awareness and empathy to queer people of color," she shares. "I noticed a lot of gesture drawings on Instagram had mostly white models and one kind of body type."

"I thought to combine my love for drawing with activism by offering to draw qpoc for free and creating a space for qpoc to share their stories. I'm always looking for more QPOC (age 18+ only) to draw so please reach out to me on Instagram for a free drawing and to share your story :)"

Feature artist rafaella of @qpocartandstories
Rafaella's self-portrait

When asked about what her work means to her, Rafaella shares the following:

"I'm very grateful to draw and celebrate qpoc in this way. What people share is very vulnerable and strong of them to share this with the world, and every paragraph that someone sends in really moves me. It's an honor to draw them."

Be sure to support Rafaella and follow her on Instagram (@qpocartandstories)!


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