Feature: Artist Raimy O. Washington

Born in Bolivia and having recently returned back to the United States about six years ago, Raimy O. Washington is an artist who just received her BFA in December 2020.

Even in the middle of a pandemic, Raimy shares: "It's been a wild ride figuring out this country.

"Change is never simple. But people are always a beautiful inspiration for beautiful art."

When asked what her work means to her, Raimy had the following to express:

"While I find myself in multiple art forms, I have only recently started painting more often and seriously. Living in a time of a civil rights movement I have been inspired by people who do not always have their voices heard.

"I often see BIPOC and members of the LGBTQIA+ community depicted in paintings as strong and fearless, and while these are beautiful and an inspiration of mine, my goal is to depict these people with softer qualities to prove it is just as strong and just as real. I want to normalize seeing BIPOC as gentle and warm."

"Miss Wilderness" by Raimy O. Washington

To follow along Raimy's artistic journey, follow her on Instagram (@raimyok)!


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