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Feature: Artist & Translator Ezra Benisty

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Ezra Benisty is based in Lausanne (Switzerland), where they navigate between

academia and their artistic work, rooted in the in-betweens of their identity, intimacy

and sexuality.

Following their studies in English and French Literature at the Universities of

Lausanne and York (UK), with a specialization in translation, they are about to start a

PhD on Renaissance poetry and architecture.

They wrote/performed a play entitled The Web (2017) and a collection of poems on gender, love and sexuality (La Sensation des Fleurs, 2018). Since 2019, they work as the Direction Assistant and Communication Manager of the Lausanne Shakespeare Festival. They are in the process of translating the poetry of Angela Carter.

Feature: Artist & Translator Ezra Benisty

"Ray 2/3" by Ezra Benisty

When asked about what their work means to them, Ezra shares the following:

"As a white-passing POC, a non-binary queer folk who is perceived as male, a PhD

researcher who is also a proud sex worker and activist, I think that my artistic work is

inevitably rooted in the in-betweens of these strangely counterbalanced aspects of

my life.

"And the Polaroids, as well as the poetry that goes with it, are a way of finding

myself in all that—and finding others. I started taking these pictures as an exploration

of the fine line between intimacy and sexuality, but it turned out to be an act of

reappropriation to heal from sexual trauma – even though I wasn’t fully conscious of

it at the time –, and then it became so much more.

"It became an act of self-empowerment, a plea for consent, a moment of romance, friendship, sexual liberation and intimacy.

And what I find most rewarding is that some people wrote to me saying that they started exploring and welcoming the in-betweens and non-normative beauties of their body and identity. I think that’s the best part. Celebrating and empowering each other through art."

As an artist, Ezra is currently working on a mix of poetry – in English and

French – and Polaroids that are available on Instagram (@br8kblowburn) and on

their website ( Scroll below to see a highlighted work from the series!

Green Rope 3/3

macro mode

his foot on my tongue mine in his hand the one

that’s not fingering me one in him

a world opens—

our skins sigh


mode macro

son pied sur ma langue le mien dans sa main la

main qui ne me doigte pas il a l’autre en lui

un monde s’ouvre—

nos peaux soupirent


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