Feature: Author & Poet Joaquin Capehart

Joaquin Capehart is a native of Queens, NY. Poet and author. He self published his third collection of poetry, What If I Said in June of 2018. Joaquin is an active spoken word poet. When performing he is known as JaeCee The Poet. He performed over seventy times in 2019, including shows in Washington, DC and the Langston Hughes House in Harlem, NY.

Photo by Elmer Quintero

With a professional background in youth development, Joaquin has hosted poetry/life workshops for a programs based in the Bronx & Queens. Recently Joaquin completed a 24 hour poetry world marathon; where he had to write one poem an hour for twenty-four hours straight.

On what his writing means to him, Joaquin shares:

"Writing is a deep breath after gasping for air."

You can follow and support Joaquin on Instagram (@jaeceethepoet) or purchase his latest collection of poems What If I Said.


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