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Feature: Bex Mui, Founder of House Of Our Queer

Bex Mui (she/her), M Ed., is a biracial Chinese/Polish, first gen queer witch and spiritual organizer committed to the work of LGBTQ+ affirmation. She offers anti-racist, LGBTQ+ workshops and trainings through

Bex founded House Of Our Queer, a QTBIPOC-centered spiritual playspace.

When it comes to work, Bex has always followed her passions, then found a way to get paid for them.

"I founded House Of Our Queer when I finally made it out of what I call the 'pain place,'" Bex shares, "that spiral of hurt and anger we often end up in when we leave or are cast out of a religious community, in my case, the Catholic Church.

"House Of Our Queer came out of a lifetime of spiritual journeying and six years of knowing that I needed a balance and recharge for my work in LGBTQ+ activism. This work centers on my current spiritual practices of tarot, astrology, energy work, and magic, along with reclaimed Christian roots and Buddhist principles."

Feature: Bex Mui, Founder of House Of Our Queer

As a biracial Chinese and Polish, first gen American, Bex knows that beliefs and even religion have been healing practices and communities for her ancestors. This knowledge has informed one of the core principles within House Of Our Queer which is, "why reject when we can claim?"

"As I say in my book, 'We in the queer community can be quick to reject. We reject and we push away, but we aren’t sure what to put in place of what we reject, which can leave us feeling empty.

"Just because religion as we know it (and white-hetero-centered “spirituality”) is not expansive enough to meet the needs of the lgbtq+ community, especially bipoc folks, doesn’t mean there isn’t a way for us as a community to find and benefit from spiritual practices."

House Of Our Queer Logo

"My work with House Of Our Queer means that I can spend my time and energy on sharing offerings and considerations for the people I’m in community with.

"It means that QTBIPOC can have a place to come together around spiritual growth and considerations that are centered in our needs. Offerings that we don’t have to do additional labor of stretching it out to fit our identities or relationships.

"I believe that many of us, especially as QTBIPOC, are here in this lifetime to break toxic family patterns and to support the healing of our ancestors. That often means that we’re living drastically different than our first or bio families. There is pain in that necessary distance."

"My work with House Of Our Queer means that I help to build a community where chosen family finds each other, marks time, and celebrates together.

"In this community we can support each other in our continued growth while we work on our first family connections, or as we live without them.

House Of Our Queer healing reframing and reclaiming your spiritual practice available for pre-order

"The more I learn about self-growth, energy work, and spiritual healing, the more I realize it is life-long and ever-changing. With my work at House Of Our Queer, I get to keep doing this work, and hopefully helping others along the way."

Bex's book, House Of Our Queer: Healing, Reframing, and Reclaiming Your Spiritual Practice, is now available for preorder here!

For more information on House Of Our Queer, you can follow them on Instagram (@houseofourqueer)!


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