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Brezane (Bree-Zhuh-nay), or Bre, is a Brown femme from Denver, Colorado with she/they pronouns. They have a BA in Psychology with minors in women and ethnic studies and human services. She is currently working as a Behavioral Technician and serving youth with ASD. When they're not working, Bre has been content creating via Instagram and


"I have created content as a brand ambassador for Black & Brown owned shops.

"My current desires in my life are to continue to educate myself, find my role as a community member, build/be apart of communities, and most importantly unapologetically take up space."

Bre recently submitted a personal essay to Sacrosanct entitled "stolen," a piece that explores the systemic barriers they have faced as a Brown femme but how she ultimately has decided to reclaim her body and space as a sacred part of her ancestry and lineage.

When asked about what the piece means to her, they share the following:

"My piece 'stolen' means a lot to me because it’s a testimonial of the experiences I have

collected and a personal reminder to take up space despite systematic barriers and personal


"This piece highlights the dissonance I have experienced existing in the body of a fat brown femme and resolving this dissonance through fat liberation, anti-racism, community, vulnerability, & radical self-love."

"The act of reclaiming my body is work I’ll do for the rest of my life. So I’ll allow myself and others the grace and patience to bloom into who they need to be & do the work in solidarity for the greater good of the collective.

"I am committed to this work because loving myself allows me to show up for myself & others."

To support Bre and their continued journey towards self-love, reclaiming oneself, and advocating on behalf of others, be sure to follow her on Instagram (@piscesncream)!


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