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Feature: Educator Reyna Guerra-Vega

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Reyna is a 32-year-old Queer Mexican American Mother to a teenage son and was born and raised in Arizona where she earned her Bachelor's in Political Science at Arizona State University.

In an attempt to start over and gain perspective, Reyna moved to Oakland California where she has been teaching the sciences (biology, chemistry, and physics) to students in the special education program and has been attending CSU Eastbay to finish her master's degree.

When asked about what projects she is working on currently, Reyna shares the following:

Feature educator reyna guerra-vega

"The project I am currently passionate about is tied to the completion of my master's degree [centered] around how to keep young brown and black special education students out of jail.

"Currently, 86% of the juvenile justice system is comprised of students with special needs. I’m working on creating a curriculum that is focused on reducing that percentage & shutting down this tributary to the prison pipeline that affects brown and Black students at a disproportionate rate."

"Upon the completion of this master's degree, I want to sell it to districts and train teachers on how to use it so that they have a real direction for study skills or workshop classes.

"Our goal as teachers should be multidimensional and include a commitment to supporting the potential of students and offering them every resource available to be successful."

To follow along Reyna's journey and support her endeavors, you can find her on Instagram (@lareynita23)!


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