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Feature: Erotic Artist & Academic Rambo Rose Reza

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Rambo Rose is a queer & transgender person of color & non-binary femme currently residing on stolen lands of the O’odham, Tohono O’odham, Sobaipuri, and Hohokam peoples in Tucson, AZ.

She is a multidisciplinary erotic performance artist and academic: her skills encompass burlesque, club-style stripping, professional editing, writing, online & in-person sex work, modeling, and roller skating.

Currently, Rambo earns her bread currently through remote exploitative phone-based customer service work until she can enter academia again. She definitely plans to hit the stage/pole/platform/floor again, post-pandemic, but only in qtpoc-centric productions.

Feature erotic artist and academic rambo rose reza
photograph by Velvet & Shadow

When asked about what her work means to her, Rambo shares the following:

"My two artistic mediums are performance art (utilizing my body as an artistic medium) and writing (utilizing my words as artistic medium). While different in form, these two artistic paths intersect insofar as they both draw upon my lived experience as a qtpoc non-binary femme and they both come easiest to me in terms of artistic expression.

"My artistic fount is my eroticism, and the majority of my work bears erotic elements:

"as a queer & transgender person of color & non-binary femme, i put forth my eroticism into the world openly as a method of asserting my existence within a cultural milieu that is inherently opposed to my existence...

"...and within a society that was not crafted with me in mind (or which bear stereotyped and archetyped understandings, all negative, of eroticism vis-à-vis transness). My art is a way of forcing the world to accept my existence and aggressively carving my space where no space was afforded to me.

Rambo recently submitted a personal essay to Sacrosanct entitled "in the valley of the shadow," that explores her decision to end penetration within her sexual acts.

You can support Rambo by following her on Instagram (@msramborose)!


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