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Feature: Filmmaker Marty J. Gonzalez

Marty James Gonzalez (he/him/his) is a Latinx, Queer, Transgender Filmmaker located in a tiny town called Bellflower, CA. After receiving his A.A. in Film Production at Cerritos College, he continued his educational path and graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a B.A. in Cinema and Television Arts.

His recent work includes writing short films and pilot scripts about his experience as a transgender person. They are currently entered into multiple internships/fellowships, awaiting to read the words “congratulations” in an email.

Feature filmmaker marty j gonzalez

When asked about what his work means to him, Marty shares the following:

“As a writer who’s transgender, I use my perspective and experiences as a backbone for writing since I hardly see representation on the big screen. As a filmmaker, I get to make it happen for not only myself, but my entire community so we all see authentic representation.”

Most recently, Marty has been working on the script of a short film, "Therapy Room," which dives into the main character, Ricky, coming to terms with his transgender identity.

"Ricky seeks therapy to help him with his coming out process but doesn’t realize that there’s more hidden within him that is stopping his journey."

The recorded table read will be announced next month on his Instagram (@moviesbymarty) so make sure to go follow him now and keep up with more of his work!


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