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Feature: Herbalist Jamesa Hawthorne

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Jamesa Hawthorne (they/them) is a clinical herbalist and founder of Jam Haw Herbals. They identify as a black, queer femme and feel it is important to see oneself represented in wellness as a marginalized person.

They first began their herbal studies in 2011 under Dr. JJ Pursell at the Herb Shoppe in Portland then continued on studying under clinical and community herbalists Rachael Reeves & Jen Stovall in New Orleans, and clinical and community herbalist Kenton Cobb in the North East.

Jamesa received their certificate from Sage Mountain Herbal Center upon complete of the Science and Art of Herbalism in 2017.

A unique part of Jam Haw Herbals is their initiative called "Circulate!" which donates a portion of the online store's proceeds to an individual, campaign, or organization in need each month.

Jamesa notes that, "By purchasing JAM HAW products and services, you’re helping to support the financial empowerment of marginalized folks with an emphasis on queer & trans black folks." So far, Jam Haw has been able to donate $609, and counting, since launching their shop in January 2020.

Feature herbalist jamesa hawthorne

When asked about what their work means to them, Jamesa shares:

"In this commitment to my communities & the plants, I encourage BIPoC + LGBTQIA angels to create change & step into their power by building connections with herbs. Whether it's through my apothecary line, 1:1 consultations, a workshop, or video of me dancing with plants on IG, I love sharing the ways herbs can support us in our healing & pleasure."

You can support Jamesa by visiting Jam Haw Herbals or following them on Instagram (@jam_haw)!


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