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Feature: Interdisciplinary Artist Mar Pascual

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

MAR PASCUAL is a Filipinx, nonbinary, queer, femme interdisciplinary artist.

Their work commonly explores themes that center decolonization, gender non-conformity and fluidity, intimacy after trauma, and living with mental illness.

They work in several mediums producing zines, cut-paper collages, oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, ballpoint pen sketches, and more. 

Feature interdisciplinary artist mar pascual

When asked about what their work means to them, Mar shares the following:

"tenderqueerthings is an on-going project which began six years ago. Combining delicate poems and hand-cut paper craft, the confessional nature of this series intimately recounts past experiences and offers space to honor and preserve those moments. This growing series of work is a representation of what it means to become and is a means for me to name my truths."

"The attached piece is the latest in my tenderqueerthings series ("#58", 2020. Cut paper.)"
"The attached piece is the latest in my tenderqueerthings series ("#58", 2020. Cut paper.)"

You can support Mar by visiting their website and following them on Instagram (@peony_mar)!


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