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Feature: Model, Artist, & Writer Kymil Jenée

Graceful, edgy, non-binary black-sheep of Portland, Oregon, Kymil Jenée, has a statement to make as an alternative model, mixed-media artist, founder of Planet Loveship, drag enthusiast, and writer of unpopular opinions.

With a touch of performance art, their evocative movement tells a story of soul unraveling into the wild and free depths of a political duality within.

Kymil / Xavier, takes us along their journey of self-discovery into a queer, black, neurodivergent experience. They invoke their platform to educate on intimate values, philosophies, politics, and current events highlighting awareness and uplifting minorities through a call to justice and equity.

"To Art… to model inspires a safe and curious exploration within self," Kymil shares.

They work to facilitate this experience beyond the self and invite folks to a mutually safe space to get curious and explore. The inspired moods are portrayed through their eclectic journey transforming liminal space into provocative art, and abstract thought into a formidable and poetic message.

Kymil’s provocations aspire to remove the obscurities and confusions caused by systems of oppression, encouraging individuals to go within self and explore our internalized roots in relation to our ongoing experiences.

"Alternative modeling is a canvas for [me] to paint the fluxing moods and tones of the stunning and tumultuous journey of life. This work grants [me] the access to collaborate with near and far communities of similar values and philosophies."

"[I] move towards the congruent goals of Art and Voice to inspire justice, equity, and power to the people. For [me], work means coming together and reaching new heights as a community."

Duality of self and fascination of life explored by Kymil exceeds that of art and modeling. Through their loving engagement of community, they spark curiosity of self-discovery within identity and queerness through style and clothing.

From vintage apparel to up-cycled garments, and with a splash of drag, Planet Loveship is born as a clothing boutique devoted to non-binary and queer orientations. Planet Loveship unapologetically enables newfound levels of permissions within self to evolve and discover new personal attributes, feelings, and fluid gender expressions, exploring the spectrum of the binary.

Planet Loveship carries looks that feature moods and complexions to match our internal feelings. Silk, chiffon, sequins, velvet, and a delicate array of details within clothing made purely with love and intention, to be comfortably worn on our sleeves with style curated by Planet Loveship— these garments tell stories and carry personal ongoing journeys.

On Planet Loveship, Kymil shares:

"The evolution of these soul garments are blessed, prepared, and packaged with love and intention. [My] aspiration is that each piece represents a space of sanctuary and expression for its earth spirit to live out proud."

While Kymil's endeavors as an alternative model and founder of a non-binary and queer clothing boutique are impressive in and of themselves, they note that their journey towards being a trailblazer within the QTPOC community has not always been easy.

"[I have] always felt ostracized from being an evident outlier in a system of default format. It wasn’t until [my] adulthood when [I] found that being black, queer, and neurodivergent would make [me] an outcast to this system."

This designation still didn’t address the many anomalous ways they stood out. Kymil’s unconventional ways of navigating life would always flow different than most and often not be met with any conventional ease.

Living against the cosmic grain of their surroundings, Kymil felt diminished especially as a child. They began to find freedom within and inspiration throughout as they endeavored deep into self, understanding the powers of being an outlier.

Kymil’s interactions through life as a young seamstress, playful with photography, whimsical in creating art, heart-felt with styling, and many tribulations revealed one truth:

"To be an Outlier is sacred and powerful, and no matter the friction that comes from a system structured to reject exactly this, it is all but important to righteously protect our sacred powers with all of our creative might and ambition. My name is Kymil, and my sacred power is being an Outlier."

For more content from Kymil, you can follow them on Instragram through their many accounts: Kymil Jenée, (@ofkymil), Drag featuring Xavier (@xavierskiss), and Planet Loveship (@planetloveship) boutique.

This feature was edited by Elizabeth Grey, (@technicelle), paired with Art by Corey Wynn, (@c_dubs_it), and with photography by Kayla Wiley, (@wileyimage).


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