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Feature: Movement Artist, Choreographer, & Dancer Mia J. Chong

Mia J. Chong (she/they) is a movement artist, choreographer, and dancer from San Francisco, California, the Indigenous lands of the Ramaytush Ohlone and Muwekma people. She is a proud Chinese American queer non-binary woman, artist, and human being.

Mia currently dances and creatively collaborates with San Francisco-based contemporary dance company ODC/Dance and Berkeley-based contemporary ballet collective Post:ballet.

Feature: Movement Artist, Choreographer, & Dancer Mia J. Chong

She has received a Princess Grace Award, Chris Hellman Dance Honor, Aninstantia Foundation Grant, LINES Ballet Homer Avila Award, Jacob’s Pillow Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Fellowship, Metro Film and Arts Foundation Choreography Commission, and Isadora Duncan Dance Awards and nominations for her work as a performer and creator.

This summer, Mia will graduate from New York University with her BA in Social Sciences with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Change. In the fall, she will continue her academic journey through the Master of Science in Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship program at Northeastern University.

As a choreographer, Mia creates contemporary dance works throughout the Bay Area with the intention of engaging viewers from all walks of life, honoring the unique brilliance of the collaborators involved, and celebrating the vibrant connectivity movement can spark.

And their latest collaborative contemporary dance piece explores the journey towards discovering commonality beyond the walls that divide us.

Mia's upcoming project is called Breaking Down Walls and was commissioned by the Metro Film and Arts Foundation

"This new work means a lot to me," Mia shares. "I'm so grateful to have received a choreography commission from the Metro Film and Arts Foundation for their Breaking Down Walls project in which 100% of all funds raised will go towards assisting relief efforts in Ukraine.

"I’m thankful to have been chosen as a J&J Arts Initiative Grantee, joining so many incredible artists of different mediums such as music, theatre, poetry, animation, and more, for this event.

"My family of collaborators is honored to represent dance and movement in this project and we are excited to contribute to an important cause with our art and community.

"In my observation and experience, it can be very rare and difficult for artists to find real support for their creative efforts. I recognize that chances to create art for a meaningful cause, gather a great team of inspiring collaborators, and receive a platform to share our voices through our craft are opportunities that must be cherished.

Metro Film and Arts Foundation presents Breaking Down Walls event details in link

As a proud Chinese American queer non-binary woman and artist whose budding choreography presence is slowly and gently emerging in the dance world, I feel so grateful for this opportunity and I do not take it for granted."

"I feel that our Bay Area dance community, and the larger art world, is in the beginnings of an exciting era of new voices and I feel thankful to be able to contribute to this new time in my own small way.

"Beyond utilizing my own artistic voice, I'm also here to support my fellow artists as we all continue to create, learn, and put our art out into the world."

Mia does not take for granted their opportunity to collaborate with others while giving back to those suffering in the Ukraine

This new work will feature choreography collaboratively created with brilliant dance artists from Post:ballet - Robin Dekkers, Crystaldawn Bell, Emily Hansel, Colin Frederick, and Moscelyne ParkeHarrison.

The performance will highlight original music, performed live by celebrated multi-instrumentalist and composer Vân-Ánh Võ, and will also include striking, new costumes by Jamielyn Duggan and unique lighting designs by Jim French.

The power of togetherness will be celebrated through the blending of sound and movement in this dynamic, multi-faceted new dance work. In addition, Mia shares a special message for the Sacrosanct community:

"Thank you all for your time in meeting me and my work - there is so much more to come from me! I'd love nothing more than to connect with other artists and humans through the Sacrosanct community because I also want to know about you and your work! Please reach out, I'm here!"

For more information about Mia's new work Breaking Down Walls, visit the show's website, link to tickets, and information on both Mia and their collaborators. Furthermore, you can support Mia by visiting her work at and following her on Instagram (@miajchong).


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