Feature: Ayan Vasquez-Lopez

Ayan Vasquez-Lopez (they/them) is a non-binary Latinx mariachi & drag performer, makeup artist, and online personality based in Los Angeles, California. Ayan creates content focused on informing and educating their audience on makeup, mariachi, and social justice.

Having created the Makeup Mariachi brand at the beginning of 2020, Ayan hopes to inspire awareness of and representation for queer brown Latinx people in media.

Through mariachi, they have been able to evolve and become the fabulous and unapologetic Ayan they are today, and hope to inspire others to follow their passions as well.

When asked about what their work means to them, Ayan shares the following:

"My work is my livelihood. I think I’m very much the 'starving artist' stereotype, and I embrace it proudly. However, I wouldn’t call myself starving…I would call myself ravenous."

"I’m constantly looking for what the next big thing is for me, whether it be a new musical composition, a new makeup look, or a new way of marketing the content I create for social media.

"My mind is always working, always creating, always imagining, so there is really no satisfying my craving for creation."

Currently, Ayan is working on a new music film project that you can find more information about on their Instagram page!

"It’s more of a conceptual artsy film inspired by and featuring the song MUMBO JUMBO by Tierra Whack and it’s one of the zaniest pieces I’ve ever worked on. I can’t wait to finish it and release it to the world :)"

To support Ayan and their continued work, be sure to follow them on Instagram (@themakeupmariachi)!


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