Feature: MUA Jezebella Kachanon

Jezebella Kachanon, a 22-year-old self taught makeup artist of Thai and Mexican descent, is a bisexual, libra, English student, and self taught makeup artist born and raised in Los Angeles. Obsessed with all things creative, she has experimented with various types of art including pottery, painting, photography, and poetry, but found her true passion in the world of makeup artistry.

This look is based on Kandinsky's Deepened Impulse.

"I started doing my makeup in high school around 15 or so just starting with basic eyeliner. I had a family friend (Kevin Wade) who needed to build his makeup portfolio and he did a beautiful red and black graphic liner on me and it completely blew me away and changed how I viewed makeup.

"I had previously used makeup to cover up my insecurities and try to fit a certain standard, but that bold graphic liner gave me a new sense of confidence and made me feel like a new person! As my confidence grew I stepped more and more out of my comfort zone with makeup and now I'm passionate about colorful and bold avant garde/editorial looks."

This look was inspired by @uglyworldwide aka Jazelle's eggshell look inspired by the AVANTgarden facial sculptures by artist Lyle Reimer on FKA twigs.

For this look, Jezebella shares: "I used over 200 pieces of eggshells from eggs from my family's chickens (we save their eggshells because it's a good source of calcium + helps with gardening!)"

This last look was done with embroidery floss for Pride.

As a proud bisexual, Jezebella notes, "The LGBTQ+ community has played such a giant revolutionary role in the beauty world and every time I do any look- rainbow or not- I am filled with pride and gratitude to those who paved the way for me to freely express myself."

"Makeup has transformed from something I needed to how I express myself, it's become a part of me! Makeup has taught me patience and self love. Sitting down for hours to create a look is a form of self care and I find the entire process extremely therapeutic and rewarding.

"Makeup can often be dismissed as something superficial or not considered "real" art but within my instagram beauty creator community I have found so much support, many friends, and they inspire me every day!"

You can follow Jezebella's makeup journey and support her on Instagram (@jezebella.jpeg)!


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