Feature: PHILLY POP by mỹ tâm

Tammy “My Tam” Huynh is a Vietnamese-American vocalist and composer that aspires to write music that unites her unique, diverse personal and musical experiences into compelling narratives. She holds the importance of storytelling as paramount and strives to write music that is intelligent, approachable, and empathetic.

My Tam recently released her EP "PHILLY POP" and decided to donate all profits from the project to BLACK TRANS FEMMES IN THE ARTS (tinyurl.com/y9peskww) for the month of July 2020. Her decision to do so was influenced by Black creatives, "For inspiring me, educating me, and beyond."

album cover of "PHILLY POP" featuring a photo of My Tam's mother in the 80s.

When asked about the album as a whole, she shares:

"Philly Pop was titled and inspired by "city pop" a wave of Japanese pop music from the 70s and 80s. Broadcasting from the future, PHILLY POP is a fiction station set in a dystopia haunted by the ubiquitous codification and commercialization of everyday life. The project was originally recorded and made during quarantine in collaboration with Amber Janssen."

You can listen to My Tam's album on Bandcamp here and follow her on Instagram (@sunflowerintheeast) to support her work!


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