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Feature: Podcast Host & Poet Lola Moon

Lola Moon (they/them) is a queer, non-binary femme who uses their artistic endeavors to delve into the more complicated questions in life.

From a recent podcast endeavor to a designated poetry page, Lines by Lola, they are particularly interested in reclaiming that which they have been taught to believe to make room for their own ideas and perspectives.

Coming from "literally the most racist state in the U.S.," they share, "[I became] a person with a lot of opinions, a co-dependency on humor as a defense mechanism, and a desire to challenge every flawed idea I was ever taught.

During the pandemic, Lola was inspired to share their personal lessons and feelings about life through their podcast Livin with Lola.

"The theme of the cast is 'Life, Spirituality, and Magic Talks.'

"I want to inspire people to find their own personal power, joy, and healing through the art of conversation."

Feature podcast host and poet lola moon

Their most recent podcast episode entitled "Sexual Magic" navigates the potential for greatness through sexuality, but more specifically, through orgasms.

"[Sexual Magic] explores the way we can use our orgasms to fuel trauma release or attract our dream lives."

When asked what their work means to them, Lola shares the following:

"My work is my most honest mode of self expression. Connecting with my work means connecting with myself."

You can support Lola and their creative endeavors by following them on Instagram (@colemoon._) and their podcast page (@livinwithlolacast)!


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