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Updated: 7 days ago

Queer Kitchen is all about building community through food, creativity, and collaboration. We collab with queer chefs, gardeners, artists, and other creatives with the goal of creating green and safe spaces for queer, qtpoc communities.

Sven, the founder of Queer Kitchen, shares the following:

"My journey of Queer Kitchen started as an urban educator where I saw the effects of:

-Food & Environmental Injustices

-Lack of Safe Queer Spaces

"Collectively, with the help of students, local artists, non-profits, and community members, we started creating queer spaces for, teaching queer inclusivity in the class, growing gardens, and learning about food through the integration of arts."

"I saw that adults needed this just as much as kids so I decided to expand my mission to work towards building sustainable communities for all, especially geared towards QTPOC."

"Currently, we are collaborating with a community garden and QTPOC youth in Newark, NJ to teach kids about gender and sexuality& the queerness of nature through food and gardening."

If you are a QTPOC chef, baker, or gardener and would like to collab with Queer Kitchen, DM them on Instagram (@queer.kitchen)!


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