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Feature: Shakira Halloway, Founder of The Q Narrative

Shakira Halloway (she/her) is a Boston-based creative whose experiences as a Black queer woman heavily influence her work.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Smith College and her personal and professional interests include artistic expression, spirituality, psychology, and public health.

Shakira founded The Q Narrative – a multidisciplinary storytelling space that centers queer and trans narratives.

The first project that she developed under The Q Narrative is called The Q Calendar.

This resource encourages interpersonal connection by sharing LGBTQ+ spaces including events, social clubs, and discussion groups.

The resource currently covers the cities of Boston (@qcalendarboston) and Providence (@qcalendarpvd) as well as their surrounding areas.

One of the more recent events covered by The Q Calendar was a Trans Day of Visibility Benefit for Harbor Camps, a camp for trans and gender-nonconforming kids.

Other events highlighted on The Q Calendar include Trans Youth Summits, Gayming Parties, Book Talks, and more.

When asked what the work means to her, Shakira shares the following:

"Creating feels like writing a love letter to myself and others. I need to create and engage with work that acknowledges my existence, affirms my identity, and aids in processing my thoughts and emotions."

"Feeling unworthy led to my projects turning into reminders of my worth. I center that same concept of worthiness when creating for others.

"We are worthy of happiness, safety, affection, intimacy, community, and fulfilling lives. I hope to spread this message through my work."

The Q Narrative will soon be expanded beyond digital platforms. And we, at Sacrosanct, can't wait to see how The Q Narrative will grow!

Follow Shakira at The Q Narrative on Instagram (@qnarrative) and be sure to check up on any LGBTQ+ spaces and community events in Boston, Providence, and surrounding areas!


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