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Feature: Singer/Songwriter & Arts Educator Robbie Ahmed

Robbie Ahmed (he/him) is a singer-songwriter, writer and arts educator. Growing up and coming out in four countries Russia, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh & Canada, he writes & sings on intersections of self-love, immigration, mental health, spirituality and trans representation in the media.

Currently Robbie works as a musician & arts educator, while occasionally contributing to YOHOMO, Toronto's LGBTQ arts and culture publication.

Feature singer-songwriter and arts educator robbie ahmed

Outside of art, he served 3 years on board of directors for Across Boundaries, an ethno-racial mental health organization in Toronto.

Robbie recently submitted his poem, "The Wick" to Sacrosanct and offered some insight into the work itself.

"The Wick is a love letter to anyone who has been in an abusive relationship.

"There tends to be a stigma against people who don't leave relationships fast enough or an idea that they are somehow broken, because they ended up in one.

"For trans people or marginalized they are also systemic reasons why we are more susceptible to abuse. Perhaps we want to see the best in others, and our healing journey is to see the light in ourselves as well, and learn to protect ourselves too."

You can support Robbie and his work by following him on Instagram (@run_robbie_run33)!


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