Feature: Singer Sug from Hoochi Coochi

Danie "Sug" Johnson is a singer, writer, and an entertainer hailing from the small wonder state, Delaware. She grew up in a rural area where she felt both the joy and isolation that many queers experience in southern baptist style churches . After coming out she left church but never forgot  her love of powerful music and celebration with the community. She now resides in the city of  Wilmington, Delaware with her funk soul band Hoochi Coochi.

Sug recently released a music video for her band's previous single "Walkin" in collaboration with a local production company Color Light + Sound. Highlighting the cityscape and art that was created from the aftermath of the riots that took place in the city after the protests, Sug shares: "It's a call to action for people to take the power back from the government and take care of our own communities."

When asked about what her art means to her, Sug shares the following:

"We've all heard it said that everything is vibrations. I believe it. Colors, thoughts, people are all humming at different frequencies.

"Music has always been the supreme form of art and expression to me because it's one of the easiest vibrations to recognize. My art is my way of utilizing the God in me to create the world I want to be a part of."

You can support Sug by following her on Instagram (@sugwrites_) and her band Hoochi Coochi (@hoochicoochimusic)!


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