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Feature: Tie B., Creator & Narrator of thebiqueer

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Tie B. is the creator and narrator of thebiqueer (BQ), a digital space and collection of stories dedicated to amplifying Black and Brown voices of the queer community. As a Detroit-

based communications strategist, Tie’s enthusiasm for community building is illustrated through writing and equitable educational practices.

She is a graduate of Alabama State University and the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, where she holds a Bachelor of English and Master of Liberal Studies coupled with a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. Building off her educational career, Tie continues to empower and uplift the queer community through multimedia storytelling; BQ is an extension of that passion and work.

Feature tie b. creator and narrator of thebiqueer

When asked about what her work means to her, she shares the following:

Being seen, heard, and felt is a form of intimacy I get to cultivate through this work. That is my ultimate purpose. I get to tell empowering stories that grant sight to the invisible, clarity to the confusion, and familiarity to the lives who live them. This brings me joy. I wake up every day knowing exactly who I am, that’s how I show up in the world, and that is what I aim to create for others’—the space to be.

Tie's most recent project is Untold Love Stories, an audio series, reminiscent of a podcast, which highlights queer love from across the country. Participants record their journey in love based on intentionally curated questions extracted as sound waves. The purpose is to tell stories of love that often go unseen and unheard to bring visibility to various relationship styles and practices within the Black queer community.

The love stories are revealed in increments, with the last piece being a photo reveal on Instagram. At the same time, full audios are available on our website, YouTube, and now, Apple iTunes and Spotify podcast platforms.

By maintaining this element of surprise, our audience can genuinely consider the humans behind the love. This presents a unique opportunity for individuals to reimagine and expand their ideas on love and relationships from mainstream representations for all possibilities.

To follow and support Tie's work, you can follow her (@blkqueerscholar) and thebiqueer (@thebiqueer) on Instagram!


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