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Feature: Trans Latinx Small Business Owner Char Rendon

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Char Rendon (they/them) is a Colombianx Trans* non-binary pansexual from Queens, NY.

A proud Hermanx of ΧΥΣ Latin Sorority, Inc. and a rower and weightlifter of 10+ yrs, they graduated from Binghamton University with an IMP (Individualized Major Program): The Intersections of Queer Genders and Race.

They are also a proud bipolar, autoimmune disease, and sexual abuse survivor.

Their work involves Queering Latinidad, drawing from the work of Kimberly Crenshaw and the theory of intersectionality, exploring in depth how it forms who we are, who we are always becoming, and how these individual characteristics intersect to form experiences and memories, ultimately shaping the information we receive, process, and respond.

When asked about their Trans Latinx small business, they share the following:

"My Trans* Latinx business CharrsCrafts (@charrscrafts , is not only to promote my custom apparel, accessories, Latinx Greek para, queer gear, and woodworking such as my one-of-a-kind paddles and plaques, but to also educate others on what I feel are important topics throughout, and within our communities...

"tackling and queering, cisgender heteronormative, Anglo-Saxon culture in whatever form it takes that day."

Their business also provides a set of informative posts with an uplifting message while dropping some new, awesome gear that is one-of-a-kind.

Going back to the teachings of Kimberly Crenshaw and the theory of intersectionality, they share,

"What I aim for my business is to create a pith of all of these interests, and points that are included within intersectionalities."

You can support the amazing Char is doing by following them on Instagram (@c_rendon26) and their business (@charrscrafts)!

Feature: Trans Latinx Small Business Owner Char Rendon


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