Feature: Writer, Activist, & Poet Mabell Holand

Updated: Jan 29

Mabell Holand is a writer, activist, and poet. With a university degree in pedagogics, the human experience is a natural source of interest and inspiration. Their work is inspired by the motivation for societal change, naturally surrounding topics of black empowerment and LGBTQIA+ discussions.

As a poet, their words seek to offer comfort, validation, and an escape from reality, and they are currently working to publish their collected works.

Furthermore, Mabell is currently a project leader on a four-part series about black representation and racism in a Norwegian context, freelancing for the organization “Black History Month Norway”.

Read a sample of Mabell's latest poem entitled "The Meeting," below:

Mabell also recently submitted a piece to Sacrosanct "Shame: A Black Perspective," which navigates their relationship with shame on National Coming Out Day (October 11th). They explore their own evolution as Black, gay, and masculine-of-center while also tackling the internalized homophobia, anti-Blackness, and transphobia they upheld for so long.

You can read the full piece here.

Most important to Mabell's work is their ability to be a voice of change and impact, ultimately hoping to bring a new perspective to people's lives.

You can support Mabell and their work by following them on Instagram (@luzyvida)!


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