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Feature: Writer & Educator Abha Ahad

Abha Ahad (she/they) is a bisexual, nonbinary writer and educator based in Delhi and is currently pursuing her final year as an undergraduate student majoring in English literature.

Their work is dedicated to educating folks on the bisexual and multisexual spectrum while chronicling queer experiences.

She is dedicated towards to supporting and influencing multisexual folks live their true authentic selves. She hosts support session on Clubhouse for bisexual youth every Sunday.

Abha also contributes articles on the LGBTQ community to leading publications.

Feature writer and educator abha ahad

Her Instagram reel series titled "Multisexuality 101" is intended to educate masses on the diversity of the multisexual spectrum with 30 second byte sized video lessons.

Abha's additional reels tackle a diverse range of subjects, including "Stop Fetishizing Queer Women" and "Busting Myths on Bisexuality" while their IGTV is dedicated to collaborative episodes with other activists on topics such as Pink and Rainbow Capitalism, Asexuality, Pansexuality, and Growing Up in a Cult.

When asked about what their work means to them, Abha shares the following:

"What does my work mean to me? Being the brown, queer representation I wish I had, while I was questioning."

Currently, she is working on her debut book and preparing for graduate school.

She aspires to be a journalist focusing on human rights issues.

You can support Abha and their work by following them on Instagram (@minipapyrus) and sending them funds to keep producing free educational content here!


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