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Feature: Writer & Psychic Shakta Nandani Devi

Nandani Devi (they/dem/xhe) is an Indo-Caribbean New Yorker whose work centers on the Trans-Queer-Sacred experience.

As a writer and Psychic Shakta, Nandani acts as a Spirit Guide (Spirit Wi-Fi) toting a line between privilege and oppression.

They are also a Certified Coach & Professional Reiki Master Teacher with interests running the gamut of art, dance, storytelling, content creation, anti-racist anarchy, intersectional feminism, and community leadership.

"[I've] always thrived in 1on1 connections," Nandani shares. "I love talking for hours over tea and really feeling and sensing the energy and connection. I love how intimacy builds and Spirit is intertwined and that feeds my work in glorious ways! I love to teach, share and discuss as well as explore energy and healing.

As founder of The Shakta Guru (formally Kali Mai: Triple Goddess Tarot, est. 2013), Nandani offers intuitive counseling and peer support, Reiki and Shakti healing, and more.

From personalized guided meditations to reiki mentorship to a Spirit WiFi reading, Nandani's services combine their roles as a "Guru, Lover, Artist, Storyteller, [and] Activist" currently living on Lenape Land.

"My one-on-one work is the way [I'm] able to give direct and container-based support to folx of all life experiences, [including] age, race, and genders, wanting to butterfly into new visions of themselves, whether its gender affirmations, strengthening relationships, learning about hinduism/tantra and all things Spirit, artist embodiment, validation of spiritual power, starting a business, practicing decolonial anti-racist and intersectional feminist theory among other key aspects to their journey."

"I am nourished by bearing witness and holding space in the way Goddess intended me to. I

refer to my work as Intuitive because it follows the flow of the co-creations between myself,

clients, and our collective Spirit Team.

"If you are unsure of your Spirit Team we explore that through my Spirit Wifi where I help connect you to the psychic telephone your Guides use to contact you! Within that space I offer and teach Reiki, help with Tarot card readings and explore ancestral seeds of wisdom that come from within.

"[My work] is a space existing at the margins of white supremacy and therefore has the potential for expansiveness while also grounded in the changing realities of the world. There is no topic too taboo and we move at a co-created space for mutual safety and respect."

When asked what their work means to them, Nandani shares the following:

"Spirit and Community. My work is embodied in a team of energies who work through all things to create a holistic healing experience, written work, and visual or movement-based art."

"This engaged Spirit union challenges me, invites me, soothes me, celebrates with me, and teaches me. Through this team soiree, I am prompted into service missions based in worship, mutuality, creativity, harmony, ascension, transformation and empowerment.

"My focus is on marginalized communities: I host a donation-based monthly virtual meeting space called Shakta Space.

"[Shakta Space] was born out of needing space for QTI2sBIPOC/Disabled-Spoonie BIPOC/ BIPOC community to gather under spiritual umbrellas to discuss, heal, and bond without the white gaze and to feel safe in our queerness as spiritual people navigating sometimes harmful-exclusionary religious/spiritual space and healing from religious trauma."

"I want the people who engage with my work to feel empowered to be in their truth, to be mindful within community without losing their voice, and to feel grounded in this earth as a safe space that nourishes them while having strong connections to our Guides."

Such desires have manifested in Nandani's first self-published booklet which gives a glimpse into their work with Psychic Transmission - "a modality that invites us to strengthen our connection to Spirit to bypass gatekeepers and embody our true calling!"

You can find the booklet available at and on Amazon.

For more information about Nandani's services, you can follow them on Instagram (@thewestindianwitch) and visit their website!


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