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Feature: Writer, Singer, & Actor Sol Lae

Sol Lae (he/they) is a writer, singer and actor from Toronto, Canada. He is proudly Black, queer and autistic.

They have a passion for social activism and eventually hope to spread awareness through their work about the importance of intersectional feminism.

During the pandemic, amidst many personal losses, they have begun opening up about their

mental health struggles, as well as their identity as a queer Black autistic person, on their

instagram page (@solo.ftx).

Feature Writer Singer Actor Sol Lae

When asked what his work means to him, Sol shares the following:

"Over the past year, as I have been working on a few different projects, I’ve been feeling more and more comfortable with showing my true self to the rest of the world.

"I have always been so eager to read work by queer people, by BIPOC and neurodiverse people, and I know there are so many others out there who are looking for that connection and diverse representation as well.

"Through my writing I have been able to nurture a deeper understanding and respect for myself, and I have found acceptance and love for myself within my work.

"Representation in every field is important for us all to feel seen, and I’m so excited to share my experiences with folks who relate.To me, my work is about sharing love and understanding in our communities, to make each other feel less alone by sharing stories."

You can support Sol and their creative endeavors by following them on Instagram (@solo.ftx)!


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