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Feature: YouTuber Nic Farmer

Nic Farmer (they/he) is a 21-year-old non-binary and pansexual YouTuber of Black African (Ghanaian) descent. Their YouTube Channel, called Nico's World serves as a platform for him to talk about their various identities while providing representation for those who have similar experiences as them.

Feature youtuber nic farmer

When asked about what their work means to them, Nic shares the following:

"Growing up it was hard to find people who looked like me. There [were] not a lot of positive black, queer role models on TV at the time. So, I started making YouTube videos during lockdown.

"[My videos] were for my inner child and for individuals like me who were struggling with seeing themselves represented in the media that they consumed."

"For individuals who are questioning their sexuality or gender and those who just want to laugh, that’s who I do it for.

"My work feels important because I just want people to feel seen- that’s why I call my subscribers my Chosen Family- it is about creating a safe space where everybody can express themselves freely."

Nic recently made a video entitled, "Hey I'm Non-Binary, Let's Talk" where they discuss what being non-binary means to them while also touching on the differences between gender, gender identity, and gender expression.

Be sure to subscribe to Nic's YouTube Channel and follow them on Instagram (@nicos_wxr1d)!


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