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Femme Love by Gena Boubard

falling in love indigenously, queerly

every night is an act of ceremony

gentle kisses with teases of your sweet tongue

tasting your lip gloss as you taste mine

clasping hands and caressing valleys of supple brown skin

growing our roots & planting seeds of love

i water you; you water me

together we will bloom


I grew up seeing sapphic love hyper-sexualized and objectified. When I began openly dating women many people reduced us to sexual objects for others pleasure—specifically the male gaze. I carried a lot of shame and fear for loving women, as society stigmatizes female sexual pleasure as “taboo” and “dirty”.

This harmful view contributes to the ongoing traumas of MMIWG2S (Missing and murdered Indigenous Women, Girls + Two-Spirited). It’s important we reclaim our sexuality as Indigenous LGBTQ2S+ as it is an act of resistance.

I will not water myself down for others comfort.

Loving my partner openly and unapologetically everyday is a sacred gift I want to share.

I am proud to exist as my Two-Spirited self.

I am a sexual being who is not your fetish.

Femme love by gena boubard

Gena Boubard is a gender-fluid, non-binary relative from Sagkeeng First Nation, Treaty 1 territory. For more of their indigiqueer content, you can follow them on Instagram (@nonbinaryb4ddie).


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