I'm Still Like Every Other Person by Charlie Kaufman

I do not think I necessarily have something I was made to feel ashamed of that is in fact my sacred power.

I really just want to be able to make an impact through my identity as a trans man. Most people think they haven't come across a trans person before someone tells them and that just is not the case. Some trans people are stealth and pass really well in society. I want people to know me as trans and not judge me because I am still like every other person on the planet and have feelings too.

Being an Asian American in a small town also hasn't affected me too much other than getting looks because there is not a huge population where I live. I sometimes struggle to identify though with being Asian because I was adopted and do not think about it as much unless it's brought up in conversation.

I sometimes feel guilty though that it's not as easy for others who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. I am very fortunate enough to have not faced any sort of discrimination with my identities thus far other than from a few cases when I was younger. 


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