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My Newfound Tears Do Not Make Me Weak by Cole Richards

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Preeminently, I’ve discovered in recent years that my various traumas do not dictate my path. My conscious, active choice to hold myself to a higher standard of living and communicating is vital to breaking the cycles of abuse.

Going to therapy.

Expressing myself through art and spontaneity and hard work and sex and love.

Understanding that the stock in my strength and resolve is not jeopardized by learning how to openly express myself.

My newfound tears do not make me weak.

I cried more in my 25th year of life than I ever have before, and I’ve felt such power in learning to heal myself authentically. In addition to the tears, I smiled more than I ever have.

I honored my body and desire for change.

Started T and rejoiced in my boyhood.

Rested, really rested, for the first time since I started working at 15.

Dove head first into my hobbies and subconscious desires and newfound dreams.

I’ve discovered that treating myself with the love, respect, and devotion I’ve always deserved has taught me how to offer genuine love, respect and devotion to those around me. Because of this, I’ve made more meaningful relationships in the last year than I have ever experienced, and built sturdier foundations for preexisting ones.

I’ve discovered true love, for myself and others.

My Newfound Tears Do Not Make Me Weak by Cole Richards


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