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Oh, See Disorder by Jack Cady

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

My Disorder requires

bottles of hydrogen peroxide.

I keep them by My Bed, and pour them over my fingers and palms

Whenever I feel like I may have touched something ‘Dirty-in-A-Specific-Way’

I spend too much money,

Or get too tipsy,

Because my mind only likes even numbers,

so I need two of everything

I have the tendency to step over cracks

and avoid ladders

And not open umbrellas inside.

When I do these things,

I can ensure that the World Will Not End.

Habits, like unwanted scars,

That indicate the unquiet mind.


[ In Parallel ]


I’m very Good

at recycling.

I know what the tiny numbers on bottles mean.

“And if you don’t recycle, I do;

I’ll gladly take those bottles home”

My mind values equality;

So I use it to balance my bodybuilding sessions.

Redefining my diet

Is easy enough.

The, “Importance of Infection”,

means I do a damn good job

as a COVID test Site Commander.

My intentions are transparent;

“I cannot tell a lie.”

(though this makes birthday presents tough)

Using me against Myself

Is a cherished secret

A tool I can harness, be better-than-I-thought

ensure that I

Am Ever-Growing.

Jack Cady (he/him) is a pansexual, polyamorous, trans, and hafu person. For more of his content, follow him on Instagram (@jovkjack).


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