Perfection Is Oppression by Mattie Maria

I recently realized that the idea of perfection is completely oppressive. It’s like being chained down, unable to move— no freedom to explore or make mistakes. I was so afraid of not living up to my own impossible standards that I stopped creating, it had lost its fun.

Earlier this year I took an African art history course and was reminded that the standards within my mind were not of my ancestors — they were not ancient wisdom, but much newer and reeked of supremacist values.

I now think of creation as a form of worship.

In a sense, we are worshipping our past and future ancestors. Not only are we communicating with the present with our art, but we are simultaneously learning from the past and manifesting our future liberation.

That makes art so much more than a representation of an object, person or feeling. That makes it magic.

artwork by Mattie Maria

words by Beyonce

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