transphilia by jyoni shuler

please, never underestimate the power of a trans person

to come out - to look in the mirror - to speak - to reckon - to metamorphose - to face rejection - to break down - to strive, flourish, dream. untold courage is requisite to swim against the relentless current of narratives that tell us we are fundamentally invalid, less than, vile

yet rather than mulling over the phobia, we must revel in the philia. the infinite potential for love of gender abberance, of gender authenticity, of gender audacity

we are not yours to question, nor we are not yours to fetishize, judge, harm. we are yours to adore, we are yours to full-heartedly respect, laud, support. shower us w your hugs, your gifts, your smiles, your heartfelt words of affirmation. these heal the wounds inflicted by binaried normativities + provide the ideal antidote to the fear we must confront daily

please, never, ever, underestimate the power of a trans person

photograph by Cognitive Dissonance


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