Feature: Affirm Noire

Affirm Noire is a Black women-owned digital enterprise affirming the self-care, culture, creativity, and distinctive stories of indie and underground Creatives of Color. Dismantling mental health stigmas in BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities by providing resources and emphasizing self-prioritization are our goals.

We aim to provide a safe space where Creatives of Color can create, connect, network, gain exposure, and find inspiration virtually, and therefore regardless of borders. Siera Whitaker (CEO) and Brianna Thomas (COO) are former co-workers who founded the startup after realizing that their value as hardworking and creative Black women didn't match the opportunities being offered by participating in the workforce.

After realizing this was the reality for many Black women, as well as other BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ identifying BIPOC, who often work hard at the expense of their health, they decided to develop Affirm Noire into an enterprise that acknowledges and prioritizes the voices, works, values, and optimal wellness of BIPOC Creatives.

When asked what their work means to them, Siera and Brianna share the following:

"Affirm Noire is the epitome of Black girl magic. Building it challenges us to rethink what hard work means in a world where the resilience of Black women is praised over their self-care."

"We get to grow as professional mentors while expanding our beliefs that so-called progressive values are human values and that many of us are simply returning home by deconditioning what was taught about our worth.

"We're two women joining hands and minds to cultivate a space where indie BIPOC Creatives are celebrated for their talents and their existence. For that, we’re grateful and are ready for this highly anticipated, lesson-filled journey that will enhance our lives, as well as the story of A.N."

Affirm Noire is on the cusp of launching its website which will feature articles and creative works that bring the voices of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ millennial and Gen-Zers to the fore. The website will also house its line of BIPOC targeted, eco-friendly and gender-neutral self-care merchandise.

To keep up to date with all things Affirm Noire, be sure to follow them on Instagram (@affirmnoire)! Additionally, you can send them funds through PayPal (affirmnoire@gmail.com) and CashApp $AN399.


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