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Feature: Artist Terrii

Terrii (he/they) is a 25-year-old Black enby artist who loves all things creative. His main passions include drawing, music, and dance, but writing has always had a special place in their heart.

"I was introduced to poetry at a time when I was seriously trying to figure myself out," he shares. "and writing became a little outlet for me.

"Although I don’t write as often as I used to, every now and then I’ll get struck with the inspiration."

Feature artist terrii

Terrii recently submitted their poem Young After All to the collective which explores the tumultuous relationship Terrii shares with his mother.

"...the rocky relationship I have with my mother [is] due to me being trans... we’ve grown apart over the years.

"When I was younger and before I realized I was trans, my mother and I had a much closer relationship. At the time, she also wasn’t as religious as she is now, so she freely listened to any genre of music she wanted;

" of our favorite songs was “Turn Me On” by Kevin Lyttle, a popular Jamaican artist at the time.

"This song would always play on the radio in the evenings when my mom would either pick me up from school or take me to my after-school activities, giving us bonding time.

"My poem is reminiscent of that time where my mother and I got along and we didn’t have such differing views on gender and religion."

"This was actually my very first poem, and also the one that’s closest to my heart because of the pain and joy it brings me."

You can support Terrii and their art by visiting his website and following him on Instagram (@teriyagii)!


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