Feature: Fashion Blogger & Poet Damon Alexander Hendricks

Damon Alexander Hendricks is a Fashion Blogger and Poetry Writer from South Africa. He is currently studying at the Nelson Mandela University and has a collective total of 50k followers through his creative platforms.

For the year ahead, Damon is focused on studying hard and making an effort to join creative spaces and specifically LGBTQ programs in order to expand his understanding of the queer community.

When asked about his aspirations, Damon shares the following:

"I am still learning every day about myself. I identify as a gay man and still get asked about it. No one needs to validate themselves to anyone, but it is always good to educate someone if someone should ask about [it] or on a subject concerning your sexuality."

For the past year, Damon has been living on a farm which has challenged his sense of identity as well as his accessibility to social media platforms.

"I got humbled and got taught gratitude. I wish to integrate [that] into my photography and be more inclusive [rather] than [make] myself the main focus, because like I said I'm still learning about people and how to respect their identity."

Damon's poetry platform can be found here on Aminoapps where he merges visuals and words to meet at a single point.

"I've gotten good feedback and have 1,000 followers on the platform and never expected people to still like poetry in this day [and] age."

You can support Damon and his work by following in on Instagram (@damonzfashionblog)!


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