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Feature: Poet & Musician Velvetwavez

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Velvetwavez (born Nyalahrahsja Allen) is a Black queer non-binary artist, spoken word poet, singer and songwriter based in Sacramento, California. Originally born and raised in Bakersfield, most of their interest in music sprouted from their families love of the arts - especially pertaining to RnB, Soul, Hip Hop, and Rap.

While their work often gives off an air of sensuality, they touch on many different topics ranging from polyamory to their shadow work. Making sure to note that they have not always been able to love or accept all their identities due to navigating feelings of deep shame, that much of their art is also a part of their healing.

Feature poet and musician velvetwavez

When asked about what their work means to them, Velvetwavez shares the following:

“I know who I am, but I am still on a journey to fully embody and even honor all that I am. Growing up, I was always made to feel like I was going against the grain. Like I was too much. Too emotional. Which is funny to me because during that time, I was fighting against so many parts of myself so I could be more digestible."

"I would actively suppress my own thoughts on my sexuality or about love or even my own emotions in hopes that people would like me more.”

Additionally, Velvetwavez recently contributed a personal essay to Sacrosanct entitled "Unearthing Identity Through Alter Egos" which navigates her coming to terms with her multiple identities as a black, brown, indigenous, queer, trans, femme, disabled, neurodivergent, and fat human healing from their trauma and dismantling harmful internalized structures.

In the meantime, Velvetwavez has released two songs, “Like It” and “Passion,” with accompanying music videos that you can find below.

Velvetwazes is currently working on their first EP that they expect to release later this year 2021.

“I’ve become a pretty open person as time has passed, working to not easily shy away from things but I can say that this project dives much deeper into the more vulnerable parts of myself.

"It’s honestly as exciting as it is scary to imagine people listening to my music. From an artist standpoint, there is a huge learning curve involved in my singing and songwriting. But I also feel bomb as hell just doing this anyway and the intention behind it shows so I’m confident that the right people will love what I have in store.”

You can support VelvetWavez by following them on Spotify, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok!


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