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Feature: Singer/Songwriter & Producer Stephanie Gayle

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Stephanie Gayle (formerly Steph the Sapphic Songstress) is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Fine Artist from P.G. County, Maryland.

She began writing music at the tender age of 8, and began producing her own music at age 16.

At 18, she decided to move to New York to get her degree in Fine Arts and simultaneously pursue her music career. Since then, she has been a frequent collaborator with Maryland MC, Substantial, Bop Alloy, Marcus D, and various members of the QN5 Music roster, among others.

Feature singer/songwriter and producer stephanie gayle

In 2018, she made a guest appearance on Substantial’s first instrumental album, "The Garden" (Beyond the Stage featuring Uyama Hiroto).

In February 2019, she released her long-anticipated debut LP, Songs About V, and in December of 2019, she released her first holiday project, entitled Christmas at 7222, Vol. 1.

When asked about what her work means to her, she shares the following:

My work speaks for me when I’m unable to convey the things I feel verbally. It speaks for my soul and allows a way for listeners to take a look inside. For introverts like me who often have trouble expressing their true emotions, music provides an outlet and an answer.

Stephanie's debut LP "Songs about V" features her highlighted track, "Vulnerable." Click below to listen and be sure to support Stephanie by listening to her on Spotify and following her on Instagram (@sapphicsteph)!


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