Feature: Writer & Blogger Fenominelly

Updated: Jan 29

Robyn is a writer and on-air talent in Staten Island, New York. After graduating college, Robyn created her alter ego, Fenominelly, and made 2 podcasts in addition to her blog: A Little Birdie Told me (2015), The Birdcage (2016-2017), and A Black Girl’s Narrative (2018). When she’s not writing, you can find her scanning the internet for affordable home decor items or binge-watching her favorite show.

When asked what her work means to her, Fenominelly shares the following:

"It means release. My work is an act of freeing myself from my mental prison. Each piece is one step closer to freedom. One more step to understanding, accepting and loving myself. It’s therapy on so many levels."

Fenominelly recently submitted a personal essay to Sacrosanct, "The Red Dress." Check out the whole essay and support her on social media by following her on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Fenominelly!


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