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The Wick by Robbie Ahmed

You wonder

how you ended up falling

in love

with such darkness

in another person.

Maybe it was because

it was the kind of darkness

that you did not fear.

Maybe It was

a kind of darkness

so familiar,

that you believed

that if you just

came close to the heart of it

you could see a wick,

and light it back.


my love,

you ended up here

not because you were broken

or incomplete,

but because

you carried enough light

for the both of you.

The wick by robbie ahmed

Robbie Ahmed (he/him) is a singer-songwriter, writer and arts educator whose work focuses on the intersections of self-love, immigration, mental health, spirituality and trans representation in the media.


Sacrosanct is a community blog that amplifies the voices and art of LGBTQ2IA+ BIPOC. As a digital space for marginalized folks to self-define, self-actualize, and heal, Sacrosanct is firmly situated at the core of intersectionality while also providing mental health and community resources made for and by LGBTQ2IA+ BIPOC. To fund these LGBTQ2IA+ BIPOC artists for their contributions to the platform, consider leaving a donation here and follow Sacrosanct on Instagram and Facebook.


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